Is Gen AI a reality for most brands? Over 50% of content is still invisible.

In today’s swiftly advancing digital realm, Creative Operations and Marketing professionals find themselves amidst a sea of trending terms, with “Generative AI” (Gen AI) standing out as a key topic of interest. While there’s an ongoing debate about the best ways to utilize this technology, a more pressing question emerges: Is your brand truly prepared for the Gen AI revolution?

Generative AI holds immense potential for the creative industry, promising to augment and complement the talents of creative professionals. However, this technological boon comes with a caveat: without proper management and control of your brand assets, Gen AI’s benefits could easily turn into challenges.

A staggering reality faces many brands today: over 50% of their content remains invisible to them. With the continuous generation of new assets, a significant volume of content and data is not being monitored or audited effectively. This lack of oversight is often exacerbated by internal silos, leading to decreased productivity, poor ROI, subpar data quality, and potential regulatory issues.

The inability to monitor content across all platforms poses a significant challenge, especially for large enterprises. The daunting task of connecting the dots between various content pieces can cause major disruptions, hindering a brand’s ability to stay agile and responsive in a dynamic market.

To harness the full power of Gen AI, brands must first get their house in order. This involves a strategic approach to future-proofing brand assets and ensuring a robust framework for managing them. Here are 5 reasons how getting your brand house in order sets the stage for successful Gen AI integration:

1. Data Insights & Intelligence
Access to deep-level data analytics empowers brands to make smarter decisions. By understanding content performance and audience engagement, brands can tailor their Gen AI strategies for maximum impact.

2. Protect Your Brand
Automated policies for regulatory compliance and brand governance are crucial. As Gen AI generates content, having these safeguards in place ensures that all output aligns with brand standards and legal requirements.

3. Better Manage Change
To successfully navigate digital transformation, brands need a high-level overview of their assets. This 30,000ft visibility is crucial for making informed decisions and adapting to new technologies like Gen AI.

4. Increase Team Productivity
By improving search capabilities and visibility, brands can significantly enhance productivity and ROI. A well-organized asset management system allows teams to access and leverage content more efficiently, paving the way for creative innovations powered by Gen AI.

5. AI Future-proofing
Proper data cleansing and indexing are prerequisites for successful AI adoption. A well-organized, easily accessible database is key to enabling Gen AI systems to learn from existing content and generate high-quality, brand-aligned output.

As the creative industry stands on the brink of a Gen AI revolution, the readiness of your brand’s infrastructure is more critical than ever. By getting your brand house in order, not only do you prepare to embrace the myriad opportunities that Gen AI offers, but you also establish a strong foundation for sustained growth and innovation in the digital era. This proactive approach ensures that your brand remains competitive, adaptable, and ready to harness the transformative power of Generative AI.

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