MedialakeAI Announces Strategic Integration with Peach

We are excited to announce a new integration partnership between Medialake and Peach Connect, a move set to revolutionize the advertising and media distribution landscape.

MedialakeAI & Peach: A Game-Changing Collaboration

The integration between MedialakeAI and Peach’s Developer API promises to provide unprecedented benefits for brands and advertisers by integrating Medialake’s advanced AI-driven solutions to Peach’s market-leading advertising distribution platform. This collaboration signifies a major enhancement in managing and distributing advertising content, offering a powerful new resource for brands to integrate into their single source of truth.

Impact on Brands and Advertisers

This synergy will result in quicker campaign rollouts, reduced manual effort, and heightened advertising effectiveness. It’s a transformative approach to how brands interact with and utilize their digital content.

Enhanced Content Visibility with MedialakeAI

Medialake’s intuitive AI search feature is a game changer for brands. It allows them to uncover previously hidden content, illuminating assets that might have been overlooked. This newfound visibility means that brands can rapidly push this content to consumers, leveraging existing resources without incurring additional costs. It’s a smart, cost-effective way to maximize content utilization and reach.

Peach’s Role in Advancing Advertising Efficiency

Peach is an established leader in streamlining advertising workflows. Their Developer API enables businesses to create and distribute video campaigns globally, connecting systems and media plans with over 16,000 broadcasters, social media, and ad platform integrations. This API significantly reduces manual work in managing and publishing large campaigns, particularly those involving complex approval processes and distributed teams. 

The Technical Edge

Peach’s Developer API is robust and versatile, supporting automation and integrations for the Peach Platform’s buy-side, including campaign creation, ads, file additions, and designating destinations. It’s built on common REST principles, ensuring secure, efficient, and standardized communication. 

Looking Forward

Medialake is more than just a repository; it’s a dynamic ecosystem offering brands unparalleled protection and management of their digital assets. Furthermore, MedialakeAI unlocks invaluable insights at every turn. This partnership will redefine how brands interact with, manage, and leverage their digital content. With MedialakeAI, brands can look forward to a future where every asset is not just stored but is a key part of a larger, more intelligent system, driving brand growth and innovation in unprecedented ways.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our work with Peach!