Deborah Womack Joins MedialakeAI Advisory Board

Medialake is delighted to announce the appointment of Deborah Womack to its Advisory Board. With an illustrious career spanning multiple industries and an unwavering commitment to innovation, Deborah brings a wealth of expertise to Medialake’s growing team of advisors.

Deborah, who recently served as a Partner at Ernst & Young LLP, has been a visionary leader in ‘Big Four’ consulting, multinational digital and creative agencies, and FTSE 100 brands focusing on the transformation of marketing and customer functions into world-class data-driven growth engines. Her deep understanding of the ever-evolving business landscape has allowed her to deliver groundbreaking solutions that create exceptional customer experiences and build successful brand-customer relationships.

MedialakeAI’s Visionary Approach

MedialakeAI isn’t just a platform; it’s a visionary nexus where millions of creative assets converge,” says Deborah, “allowing brands much-needed brand protection. It seamlessly intertwines with familiar tools, harnessing AI’s power to transform each asset into a searchable gem within a vast network. It’s not just about access; it’s a panoramic view into your content universe, offering swift asset management across digital channels and unlocking invaluable insights at every turn.

Moreover,” she continues, “Medialake empowers regulated industries such as financial services and pharma to safeguard their brand online, by monitoring and identifying potential reputational threats, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards like the new Consumer Duty, elevating consumer protection effortlessly.”

Embracing Innovation in Marketing

As marketing continues to evolve and adapt in response to shifting consumer behaviors, technological advancements, and societal changes, embracing innovation is paramount. By harnessing powerful metadata, you not only build a comprehensive picture of your online presence but also accelerate your capability towards leveraging Generative AI and more. Deborah’s wealth of experience in this area positions her as a thought leader at the intersection of data, technology, and marketing strategy.

One of the key benefits that Medialake brings to businesses is the ability to mitigate risks and unlock opportunities in this transformative landscape. With its cutting-edge AI-driven data solutions, Medialake empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions, enabling them to identify potential risks early and seize growth opportunities with confidence.

Rich Wilson, CEO of Medialake, expressed his excitement about Deborah’s appointment, saying, “We are thrilled to welcome Deborah Womack to the MedialakeAI Advisory Board. Her exceptional track record in marketing transformation and her passion for innovation make her a valuable addition to our team. Deborah’s expertise will further enhance our ability to help businesses mitigate risks, unlock opportunities, and protect their brand reputation.

Medialake is poised to leverage Deborah’s extensive experience and forward-thinking approach as the company continues to lead the way in AI-driven data solutions, enabling businesses to navigate the challenges of the modern world and thrive in a data-driven future.