David Russell (ex Oliver, part of the Brandtech group) Joins MedialakeAI Advisory Board

MedialakeAI is thrilled to announce the appointment of David Russell as the latest addition to its esteemed Advisory Board. With a career spanning more than two decades and a reputation for innovation and industry disruption, David Russell is poised to bring his extensive expertise and experience to shape the future direction of MedialakeAI.

Pioneering Innovation at Oliver and The Brandtech Group

David’s profound expertise in marketing communication has left an indelible mark on the global creative production industry. He has consistently challenged the status quo and reshaped the landscape of creative content origination worldwide through his strategic insights and the deployment of cutting-edge technology and world-class processes.

David has held pivotal roles at Oliver, an agency disrupter known for pushing boundaries and redefining norms in creative communication, and The Brandtech Group focusing on technology-driven solutions to enhance the efficiency of global brand marketing in the ever-evolving advertising sector.

A Visionary Leader in the Advertising Industry

Throughout his career, David has also held influential board positions in some of the largest global creative production businesses, including TAG. His forward-thinking approaches have played a pivotal role in steering the industry’s trajectory and fostering innovation.

As a thought leader, David remains a driving force in the ever-evolving landscape of advertising and creative production. His legacy extends beyond professional accomplishments, reflecting his commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in optimizing data, people, processes, and technology within the industry.

On joining the advisory board, David Russell expressed his enthusiasm, stating: “I am very excited to be joining this incredible team – the importance of technology within advertising has been becoming more and more important. The Medialake platform is a game changer and is helping brands to take back control of their content. It has always amazed me how many brands just don’t understand how & where their content is being used or even how effective it has been. Medialake gives you this visibility and data to improve both effectiveness and efficiency.”

“We are thrilled to welcome David to the MedialakeAI Advisory Board,” said Richard Wilson, CEO & Co-Founder at MedialakeAI. “David’s profound expertise in architecting, designing, building, and optimizing some of the largest brand ecosystems, combined with his unwavering focus on efficiency and effectiveness in content delivery, showcases his visionary approach. He consistently champions the integration of technology to underpin and propel omnichannel content delivery, enabling brands to achieve impressive cost savings while improving speed to market. His firsthand understanding of how MedialakeAI can address these challenges makes him a valuable addition to our team as we continue to innovate and drive forward in this dynamic field.”

David’s appointment to the MedialakeAI Advisory Board marks an exciting chapter in the company’s journey towards advancing AI-powered content creation solutions. His wealth of experience and strategic vision will undoubtedly contribute to MedialakeAI’s growth and impact in the industry.